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What do you want for lunch at work this week?

What a question! An easy one if you are one of the disciplined fitness gods and goddesses of the world but not so if you’re not…..

It’s a question I get asked by my partner and one that I ask myself every weekend and it normally ends up following these steps:

1. The desire to take something to work for lunch 

2. The desire to do the above and it to be healthy

3. Go out and purchase said food items

4. Make lunch on Sunday ready for the week

5. Go to work and buy something more appetising. 

6. Regret purchasing more appetising food in lieu of healthy and cheaper food from home. 

It is an amazing thing to witness yourself failing ‘week in, week out’ and still not changing the habit of a lifetime (and believe me I have quit smoking). Firstly the pure expenditure is ridiculous and despite underpinning the local economy it’s far from ideal once you add up the total amount you actually spend each year. Secondly I’ve come to the conclusion that any pre-prepared shop food is not actually going to be that healthy unless it’s fresh which guess what? Equals expensive. 

The last problem I have is where I work which at present that is within close proximity to a number of food establishments. I can manage to dodge the breakfast rolls and fast food of this world but still end up going to the nearby bakery or shop for lunch. 

The conclusion is that I need to break the habit and get organised to save money and eat healthier. If you have any ideas that have worked for you then please comment.

Here goes for next week….

Cheers, Paul. 

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Burger: Five Guys made it One Guy ate it…..



This afternoon I finally managed to get hold of a Five Guys burger after quite a while since seeing one of their places in London. Well I can certainly say it was worth the wait…

As you can tell from the picture I kept things pretty standard by ordering a plain old cheeseburger; the platform on which I like to compare burgers. However, a plain old cheeseburger was not what was delivered and instead what was delivered was something else.

In order to break it down for you:

The Burger Itself:

It was awesome, juicy but not messy and reminiscent of the patties served in the US (duh, they are from the US!) with a great beefy flavor. The cheese is amazing as well and the two become one in the bun. There are plenty of topping choices on offer which no doubt add to the meal and i will no doubt choose one next time.

The Bun (Trust me this is an important part..)

The bun done its job well holding it all together without making a mess and without falling apart even to the end. It perfectly complimented the burger in keeping it about the meat and cheese by moulding into the burger with every bite.

The Fries

The fries were good and plentiful for a regular size, even much so that i couldn’t finish them. The skin being left on is a nice touch and Cajun spiced fries are also available.

The Milkshake (Vanilla)

Went down a treat whilst waiting for meal and after to finish off with a sweet touch.

The Price

A bit steep at £30 for the two of us but hey, you get what you pay for and I certainly have not been waiting for dinner to come along.

Overall conclusion

A decent, solid american style burger right here in the UK that doesn’t try too hard to impress as it doesn’t need to. Keeping it simple and delicious is certainly the recipe for success for Five Guys..Well done. You will definitely being seeing me again in the future.


What is actually underground?

Underground reminds me of what is actually lying beneath the surface of our world. I’m not talking about what we don’t know but rather what we take for granted. If you peel back the ‘skin’ of the world you will discover the veins and vessels of the planet that answer to our our every need, everyday.

What on earth am I going on about? you may ask.

I’m talking about what is there but is often forgotten but something we could not live without. You might not realise but it’s always there, working day and night for you. The next time you boil your kettle, flush your toilet and cook, spare a thought for what allows you to do those things.

Underground Services.

<a href=””>Underground</a&gt;

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My best burgers of 2016

A slight break from the norm to have a look at a few of my favourite burgers of 2016. 

Travelling was low in the agenda this year but I still managed to sneak a few visits to varying burger joints to sample the merchandise. Going to New York again helped significantly being that it opens up a whole new ball game for the burger lover. Anyway here it goes in no order of preference…

1. The Fire Station, Waterloo, London. UK.

What a perfect end to a day at the races this was. 

Image from Eating London

2. Chalk Valley Farm and Kitchen, Southampton, UK.

Image from Tripadvisor

My Southampton staple never disappoints and has an amazing range burgers and meats. 

3. Schnippers Quality Kitchen, New York, USA.

Image from Yelp

I dare say if you live in NYC you’ll probably say there are many more places out there then this chain restaurant but hey if it works it works! Stunning burger after a huge trek up Broadway. 

4. Shake Shack, New York, USA.

Image from Serious Eats

The world famous, well worth the wait as the first time we sought it out in 2014 it was closed. 

5. Handmade Burger Kitchen, Southampton, UK.

Image from Tripadvisor

Well thought out burgers with all the right ingredients. 

6. Heartland Brewery, New York, USA.

Image from Serious Eats

Yes another chain! Loved the burger at the 8th Ave address. Easy going and tasty. 

Well that’s that and here’s to the future of sampling more burgers out there. I just need to remember to take a photo before I demolish it! 


Are you sure you’re ready for the challenge….

Whether you are just decorating your house or going all out with a full on remodelling or extension there is one key question you need to ask yourself. That is “Are you sure you’re ready for the challenge?” Forget money, technical skills and knowledge the most important resource required is time; how much you need and when. 

There are a lot of considerations for any project whether you are doing it yourself or hiring help. The general upheaval of working on your own property can be daunting and can be made worse by a lack of understanding of time. Setting unrealistic targets leads to high expectations which can lead to even more disappointment and frustration.

The saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is very pertinent to this topic however lifelong dreams shouldn’t take a lifetime to achieve. Therefore it is important to sit down prior to any project to determine a realistic timescale. Of course, in the construction industry this is commonplace as clients and contractors have to manage expectations to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

The problem….you might not be an experienced client or contractor and don’t have the first clue about this process; especially if you are essentially going to be fulfilling both roles. If this is you, have a try at the below:

  • Write a list of what you actually want to achieve. For instance, if you are building an extension don’t just write that, instead write: what will it be used for, how it will integrate with your home and affect it, how it will affect the rest of the property e.g Garden/driveway etc. Why? This is very important as it will help you identify the main reasons you are intending to proceed with a project and what the main issues will be.
  • Think about what time you have available to carry out the work or be around to be involved. Even if you are hiring a builder no one should ‘just let them get on with it’ as you will be needed to answer queries etc. Conversely, it is common for people to carry out the work themselves at weekends and during annual leave but are you able to? Is the timing right in your career and personal life?
  • With the above in mind, when would you like to have everything complete? When do you need to have everything complete? such as expecting a new baby or an occasion.

These 3 simple steps will help you to decide on the feasibility and scope of the project. Although you will also need to be aware of other external factors such as weather (especially in the U.K), planning permission and funding. 

It is fair to say that there are a number of uncontrollable elements that affect all projects so arguably it makes sense to get hold of the ones you can control i.e. Your expectations. 

Cheers, Paul.