First up, the hard part

First up….getting the deposit together for a house is hard work and hard work is needed to get the money for it. Some people are lucky and have the support of family to help out. If like me you don’t then save, save, save is a massive part of your life.

That being said you only live once so don’t make it all about saving. I started saving a little every week by opening a separate savings account and setting up a standing order. This allowed me to save money as soon as my wages hit my account to prevent me from spending it. The best way I found was to set up an online ISA; this is particularly handy as it doesn’t come with a card which inadvertently gets used. As you are no doubt aware the first time buyer story and similar advice to this is everywhere so I won’t go on about but it worked for me so it’s worth a go.

Moving on, when you’ve done this part and have eventually found your place after restless searching and deliberation. It can then be said that you are living the dream in terms of finally achieving a lifelong dream with or without a partner and the next bit is the best.

Cheers, Paul

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