Gather your resources

One of the many things I have learnt is that there is an abundance of waste in the construction industry; a lot of which is skipped each day. Therefore be bold and ask a friend or even rock up to a site and ask if there are any materials going spare…you may be surprised by the answer.

With the rising cost of waste disposal and the labour required to dispose of it the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy has never been so pertinent. As this is the case you will find that people (myself included) would rather see good materials being used by others than seeing them unceremoniously binned. Here are a few of things I know are always up for grabs for those bold enough to ask:

Pallets and crates – We use millions only once each year. Have a look on Pinterest for ideas on how to use them for home!

Rubble/Hardcore – There is always some of this going which can save you a bit (if you have the means to collect it of course!)

Masonry Materials i.e. Bricks and Blocks – Even if they aren’t right for an extension there is still a chance for a saving e.g. BBQ, Substructure masonry.

Timber – Various types and sizes especially from hoardings and other temporary works.

The list is endless so basically if you don’t ask you won’t get. You will find that if you are not fussy about the type of materials you need it can be a very cost effective way to improve your home.

Go on have a go and see what you can get….

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