Burger: Five Guys made it One Guy ate it…..



This afternoon I finally managed to get hold of a Five Guys burger after quite a while since seeing one of their places in London. Well I can certainly say it was worth the wait…

As you can tell from the picture I kept things pretty standard by ordering a plain old cheeseburger; the platform on which I like to compare burgers. However, a plain old cheeseburger was not what was delivered and instead what was delivered was something else.

In order to break it down for you:

The Burger Itself:

It was awesome, juicy but not messy and reminiscent of the patties served in the US (duh, they are from the US!) with a great beefy flavor. The cheese is amazing as well and the two become one in the bun. There are plenty of topping choices on offer which no doubt add to the meal and i will no doubt choose one next time.

The Bun (Trust me this is an important part..)

The bun done its job well holding it all together without making a mess and without falling apart even to the end. It perfectly complimented the burger in keeping it about the meat and cheese by moulding into the burger with every bite.

The Fries

The fries were good and plentiful for a regular size, even much so that i couldn’t finish them. The skin being left on is a nice touch and Cajun spiced fries are also available.

The Milkshake (Vanilla)

Went down a treat whilst waiting for meal and after to finish off with a sweet touch.

The Price

A bit steep at £30 for the two of us but hey, you get what you pay for and I certainly have not been waiting for dinner to come along.

Overall conclusion

A decent, solid american style burger right here in the UK that doesn’t try too hard to impress as it doesn’t need to. Keeping it simple and delicious is certainly the recipe for success for Five Guys..Well done. You will definitely being seeing me again in the future.

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