What do you want for lunch at work this week?

What a question! An easy one if you are one of the disciplined fitness gods and goddesses of the world but not so if you’re not…..

It’s a question I get asked by my partner and one that I ask myself every weekend and it normally ends up following these steps:

1. The desire to take something to work for lunch 

2. The desire to do the above and it to be healthy

3. Go out and purchase said food items

4. Make lunch on Sunday ready for the week

5. Go to work and buy something more appetising. 

6. Regret purchasing more appetising food in lieu of healthy and cheaper food from home. 

It is an amazing thing to witness yourself failing ‘week in, week out’ and still not changing the habit of a lifetime (and believe me I have quit smoking). Firstly the pure expenditure is ridiculous and despite underpinning the local economy it’s far from ideal once you add up the total amount you actually spend each year. Secondly I’ve come to the conclusion that any pre-prepared shop food is not actually going to be that healthy unless it’s fresh which guess what? Equals expensive. 

The last problem I have is where I work which at present that is within close proximity to a number of food establishments. I can manage to dodge the breakfast rolls and fast food of this world but still end up going to the nearby bakery or shop for lunch. 

The conclusion is that I need to break the habit and get organised to save money and eat healthier. If you have any ideas that have worked for you then please comment.

Here goes for next week….

Cheers, Paul. 

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