A journey to a healthier, fitter life……

Following a similar stream from my previous post, I have been recently been attempting to alter my lifestyle to live a more balanced life. 

There is one thing that is synonymous with working in the construction industry  and that’s unhealthy eating and drinking habits (for the most case! No offence intended) For years I have eaten my way through site canteens and have been full on with the Full English Breakfast and cheeky pints after work. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the camaraderie with the lads on site but have spent my 20’s contributing to a nice paunch. 

Despite many attempts at shifting it over the years nothing has really worked for me. Until now…

I’m not selling anything or recommending a miracle product and will certainly not be posting mirror selfies of my physique; you can watch Animal Planet for an idea of what I look like! All I have done is cut down on drinking alcohol and started exercising more. In particular, I still eat what I want but measure it based on nutrition. That means eating more fresh food, especially vegetables and only eating wholemeal carbohydrates. 

I find that eating like this for most of the time balances the fact that I like nothing more than to tear into a nice, juicy burger or pizza and enjoy a nice pint of cider (that’s hard cider if you’re from across the pond). 

The final change is more exercise. In the past I’ve tried running, going to the gym with a friend, a personal trainer, and working out at home but nothing stuck. Although I would say that at home HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is well worth a go as it’s a cheap way to get a motivated work out in your living room; the problem is disciplining yourself to keep at it as a routine. 

If you’re thinking ‘well what’s left?’ I’ll tell you….

Kickboxing. I’d been before years previously and found it fitted well with the level of effort and stress release so took it up again. I can undoubtably say that if you can find somewhere local and somewhere you feel comfortable then go for it. Take a friend and train together whilst benefitting from motivation from the trainer to push yourself to get fitter. 

I appreciate that some martial arts and ultimately any fighting style are controversial at times but they shouldn’t be. Find yourself a training based school and see for yourself. I can honestly I feel the best I have in years and look forward to it every week. I sleep better, feel better and am less stressed. 

Give it a go….

While I’ve found it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime it shouldn’t mean you can’t change the habit of a lifetime.

Cheers, Paul. 

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