24 hours in Glastonbury…


After managing to wrench myself away from Project House for a day or two we packed an overnight bag and headed out to Glastonbury for a night to explore. Being someone who has always been a lover of myths and legends and of course, cider, Glastonbury seemed an ideal place to visit. With a distinct lack of festival traffic and the glorious weather the UK is currently experiencing we thought, why not?

We stayed the night at the George and Pilgrim Hotel established in the 15th century in what we we told was a room none other than King Henry VIII stayed in. With this the scene was set with a comfortable 4 poster bed and crooked floors and walls to match.

Once checked in, we dumped the bags and headed over to Glastonbury Abbey. With the weather being as good as it is, it was surprisingly quiet and we could think of no better place to rest our laurels than amongst the ruins and ponds. After a stroll around the grounds checking out the various spectacles such as king Arthur’s tomb and the Abbey itself we laid out in the grass in mottoes shade next to the fish pond and soaked up the Somerset surroundings. It was very peaceful end to a busy couple of days and much needed. After a sampling of the local fayre at a local pub we called it a night.

The next day we woke early to get ahead of the sun and made our way up to the Tor. The walk was around 30 minutes from the hotel and we are glad we did it early. The walk up to the Tor is traditionally a pilgrimage and with all such things no easy feat for some. Despite being relatively fit a brisk walk up the hill in heat rising into the mid 20’s is no cake walk. Feeling proud of doing some worthy morning exercise we made it to the summit to check out the remaining church tower. Looking back down the hill we were glad we weren’t the people who built it all those years ago! The views over Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire were stunning as well as the tower itself. Despite the marvels of modern construction nothing beats the wonder of ornate buildings in extreme locations.

All in all a good time was had and another place ticked off of the travel bucket list. Where next?

Cheers, Paul

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