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Under pressure…Construction Life

It’s been a while. 

“It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy” 

Life according to Paul

I’ve been in the construction game a while now and every project is as complex and challenging as the last. Late nights, weekends, sleep deprivation….a part of every job if you care about what you do. “Blame the builder” they say “it’s all their fault”. Well guess what?! Whilst you despise change, we revel in it we build or lives and families around it and make it our own. If there was anyone better at giving you what you want and need we’d use them. We’re not uneducated fools who failed at life and decided to build things; we do a job that needs doing. We are the facilitators, the change merchants, the foundation of every industry and if you didn’t need us we wouldn’t be here. 

Don’t hate us, appreciate us, because we are your fathers, your mothers, aunties and uncles and your children. We do what needs to be done to change the world as we know it into something better. 

If you want to make a difference in the world; be part of the industry that’s helps change it.

Cheers, Paul. 

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A journey to a healthier, fitter life……

Following a similar stream from my previous post, I have been recently been attempting to alter my lifestyle to live a more balanced life. 

There is one thing that is synonymous with working in the construction industry  and that’s unhealthy eating and drinking habits (for the most case! No offence intended) For years I have eaten my way through site canteens and have been full on with the Full English Breakfast and cheeky pints after work. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the camaraderie with the lads on site but have spent my 20’s contributing to a nice paunch. 

Despite many attempts at shifting it over the years nothing has really worked for me. Until now…

I’m not selling anything or recommending a miracle product and will certainly not be posting mirror selfies of my physique; you can watch Animal Planet for an idea of what I look like! All I have done is cut down on drinking alcohol and started exercising more. In particular, I still eat what I want but measure it based on nutrition. That means eating more fresh food, especially vegetables and only eating wholemeal carbohydrates. 

I find that eating like this for most of the time balances the fact that I like nothing more than to tear into a nice, juicy burger or pizza and enjoy a nice pint of cider (that’s hard cider if you’re from across the pond). 

The final change is more exercise. In the past I’ve tried running, going to the gym with a friend, a personal trainer, and working out at home but nothing stuck. Although I would say that at home HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is well worth a go as it’s a cheap way to get a motivated work out in your living room; the problem is disciplining yourself to keep at it as a routine. 

If you’re thinking ‘well what’s left?’ I’ll tell you….

Kickboxing. I’d been before years previously and found it fitted well with the level of effort and stress release so took it up again. I can undoubtably say that if you can find somewhere local and somewhere you feel comfortable then go for it. Take a friend and train together whilst benefitting from motivation from the trainer to push yourself to get fitter. 

I appreciate that some martial arts and ultimately any fighting style are controversial at times but they shouldn’t be. Find yourself a training based school and see for yourself. I can honestly I feel the best I have in years and look forward to it every week. I sleep better, feel better and am less stressed. 

Give it a go….

While I’ve found it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime it shouldn’t mean you can’t change the habit of a lifetime.

Cheers, Paul. 

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Finding the balance…

Work/Life, Health/Enjoyment, Time/Money. 

“Live life to the full”

“Everything in moderation”

“Your health is your wealth”

Those are all good sayings but are also contradictory in nature as we all know. How can you live life to the full when you work? Surely moderation is boring? And not all the things you want to do are good for your health and certainly not good for your wealth. 

As I write this there will be potentially millions of people who have just cancelled that gym membership that they only started in January. These are People who aspire to get healthy and implement positive change into their life. Unfortunately real life is the worst habit and the hardest to give up. Everything always starts well and then falters as we fall back into our usual approach to life. But who can judge them….not me; I’ve been one of them! 

The question is ‘How do you balance your life to live well and live healthily whilst maintaining a decent standard of life?’

The answer……is unknown to me and one beyond my years so I’ll let you figure it out for yourself!

Fortunately, spring is on the way and all the cheerfulness of the thought of warmer, and (potentially in the U.K.) drier weather. Hopefully we’ll all forget about what we think we should be doing and actually enjoy our lives rather than analysing and evaluating our life performance thus far. 

Whatever you do….live the dream! 

Cheers, Paul. 

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It’s fair to say that as you make your way through life that the things that you like and ultimately make you happy and satisfied will change.

From my own perspective, a fine example of this is growing plants, namely chilli plants. I’ve always loved eating chillies and spicy food but never contemplated the satisfaction of growing your own. Even now as I write this post I am still struggling to comprehend how a person changes or even develops new hobbies. I suppose you don’t know what hobbies you may like  until you give them a go. 

I would thoroughly recommend chilli growing to anyone who likes to cook with fresh ingredients and have a bit of free window sill space to grow them on. As someone who has never really grown anything they are a decent challenge whilst still being relatively simple. 

Cheers, Paul. 

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Saturday Lunch…Simple

Hi there,

Its been a busy old month and now I’m the other end of it I have found myself with a bit of time on this fine Saturday. The sun is shining but my stomach is grumbling and something special is needed to repel the impulse to take a trip to the local fast food establishments. After all, Christmas is pending and the indulgence to follow is enough of a reason to deter oneself from eating fast food.

So, the regimented search through the cupboards and fridge commence knowing that despite a love for food it surpasses my cooking skills by light years. Luckily I spy a nice sized potato and this means one thing; Jacket Potato. My mind then carries out the following calculation, Potato+Time = Oven baked jacket potato with Tuna and Cheese and its on. I do love a jacket potato but doing them in the microwave is not the same, they deserve to baked and I mean baked proper!

However, hunger is making timing of the essence so in the microwave it goes. The clever beast tells me it needs 7.5 minutes for this 400g potato so on it goes. Just when it thinks its done, its out and in the preheated oven for an hour to give it the oven baked touch it deserves.

Now the waiting game begins so the radio goes on and its time to prepare the Tuna and Cheese for its hot, melty end. I’ve always loved tuna and also dolphins so its pole and line caught and tinned in spring water and tipped in a bowl. It needs a fork run through it to break it up for maximum exposure to its best pal, mayonnaise (sorry to say ‘it has to be Heinz’) add a liberal dash of vinegar and black pepper and it gets mashed.  Next up the Mature Cheddar is grated to within an inch of its life making sure its going to be enough for under and above the tuna (obviously!) to take it to the next level.

Beware – Hot Contents

Time’s up, open the door and watch as it appears in a billow of steam looking like your mate after returning from a year in Dubai without packing sun cream. Grab a knife, cut through the crisp shell and the lack of resistance from the fluffy joy inside meaning that its perfect. Apply the first coat of cheese, scoop the tuna on top and finish off with the remaining cheese to make the dream come true, but wait….resist the urge to eat it and put it back in the oven on its plate.

Nearly there, be patient!

Give it  5 minutes and pull it out of the oven reborn as a thing of beauty as tuna and cheese have become one. Pure and simple satisfaction on a plate and you deserve it! and you take your time to savour it as you know the plate is scorching from the oven and won’t let you down.

Who needs garnish…

There you have it, simple Saturday lunch. Roll on dinner time!

Cheers, Paul.